Wednesday, March 27, 2013

At the Wild Rumpus a couple weeks ago...


Before leaving for Mexico, we had a necessary and fun family outing. We took Cece to The Wild Rumpus which we haven't visited in almost a year. Joe had actually never been there before and had never experienced such fun and whimsy in a bookstore. It was a lot of chasing Cece around and boosting her up to see different animals (and also helping her give a stuffed bear a high-five over and over again). After tearing Cece away from all of the little critters and purchasing a little chicken-puppet book, we got some ice cream and relaxed at home (minus the fact that our basement took on water that same day. Every house I have ever lived in has had water in the basement. So, some good advice I have to give is don't ever live with me!) Even with the chaotic moving around of our soggy basement belongings, it was still excellent to spend an entire day together.

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