Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 2015 via iPhone

Now that May is about to arrive, I think it would be a good time to record some of the April happenings around here!

We celebrated Joe's birthday at the beginning of the month. The girls and I didn't do anything too fancy. Just a few small gifts and decorations. We baked made a cake. Although it didn't feel like we did anything extravagant, Joe was delighted with our efforts. Happy Birthday, once more! We kind of like having you around ; )

I've been making all sorts of plans and to-do lists. I have an important visitor arriving soon (my sister!) and a very important birthday to be celebrating (Cece's 4th!)

The weather has been fluctuating between being lovely (70s!) and awful (snow???). But during those fleeting moments of warmth, we've enjoyed getting outdoors and being park go-ers again. That Rosie certainly loves a-swinging!
We also made our first zoo trip of the year! The only photo I have of that morning is of this heap of sleeping piglets. They were just too precious.
On the not-so-nice days, we've tried to make the most of being indoors. We've been visiting the library once more and it's been fun to switch up our reading material around here. I read two books in one week. This may explain why my spring cleaning isn't getting done, but it was worth it!
 Lastly, my mom just came in for a visit. Though she stayed briefly, we did go out to dinner one night to Don Pablo's and got this fabulous family photo. Haha. But seriously, we did have a great time and the food was yummy as always.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Frozen on Ice!

Sometimes life is amazing and you get to put on your favorite Frozen attire, attend an Elsa and Anna convention with your best gal pals, see an amazing ice show, and bring home all sorts of cool souvenirs.
Oh, and I think Cece had fun too ; )
On Sunday Cece and I met up with Andrea and Michaela and Rachel Jamie for the lady date to top all lady dates at the Target Center to see Frozen on Ice.

 If there's one thing I can appreciate besides a fine wine or cheese, it's a good ice show! I am always dazzled by these grandiose productions that involve gorgeous costumes, elaborate scenery, and not to mention finely-choreographed skating.
I spent most of the time watching the show and making sure Cece didn't bop anyone in the head with her newly-acquired snowflake wand. I think Cece got really caught up in the frenzy and at one point shouted "I love you, Hans!" (WHAT?) So here are just a few pictures; they don't really do the production justice:

Thanks again to the Olsons for inviting us to such an awesome show! We will never forget it!

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

What is more egg-cellent than Olaf the snow man Easter eggs?

(Perhaps ham and cheesy potatoes. That's what.)
But really, Easter was lovely. We stayed in St. Cloud this weekend and on Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of Christ, spring, and new beginnings.
Cece and Michaela had the time of their lives riding on Michaela's four-wheeler. Click here for a hilarious video of these two goofs. It's getting all too easy to envision them as grade-schoolers and teenagers still having the best time together. (Hoping they don't crash into quite as much stuff when they area older though!)

Our little Rosie Posie was not feeling the greatest this weekend, but she did pull it together for a few bunny ear photos.
Love Rosie's chubby little hand clutching her egg find.
Even though this was a frigid Easter (at least it felt that way to me), Cece still had plenty of enthusiasm for egg-hunting. Her basket was mounded high with eggs and she even was happy to go back outside to help Joe and I find our own eggs.

Ooh look! This pretty talkative little lady has been long overdue for an appearance on my blog. Lookin' good, Elise!
As usual, during holidays, we try to get a family photo. Which works out. Sometimes. Here are the shots where people weren't flailing.
Thank you again to my in-laws for hosting yet another fun-filled holiday! It's never easy being away from my family in Chicago so much for holidays, but Joe's family has certainly become my home away from home and I'm so glad my girls have such a
Hope your Easter weekend was ever so nice and that you didn't eat as quite many chocolate eggs as I did.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Honeymoon Part II

Hola! Here are some honeymoon photos taken from our trip to Huatulco, Mexico with the real camera!

Down by the beach at our hotel. Nothing like a vacation for two to make you seriously consider getting a selfie stick...


I asked Joe to take a photo of me while backlit by the sun so I would look like an angelic beach angel. Totally worked.

On our last day of the trip, I was recovering from tummy troubles, but still managed to win the "surfing" competition down at the pool. (I probably only won because I was the only contestant who hadn't been drinking, haha.)

This is the right half of the resort.


The sky bar was in the center of the hotel. The view was so cool during sunrise, sunset, and really all times in between. We took to drinking sueros which is a non-alcoholic drink that is supposed to help you rehydrate after being in the sun all day. Important for Minnesotans who haven't seen sunlight in six months.

The hallway to our hotel room.

And our hotel room. Housekeeping kind of went crazy with the rose petals. This isn't even one of the grandiose displays.


I didn't take a lot of food photos this trip. I was too busy shoving it in my face. (MAYBE that's where the tummy troubles came from.)

Here are photos from our three levels of Huatulco excursion.

^^^This was the first "level" of Huatulco. Beautiful views, even for the dry season.^^^

Below is the town of Santa Maria. Unlike Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, Huatulco is much smaller and quieter. Tourism is not nearly as developed, but it's a peaceful area with a low crime rate. The businesses here produce goods mainly for the people of the town, not tourists. We were told that much effort being made to make Huatulco a sustainable tourist area so that the environment is protected and so are the people who inhabit the area.

We watched these tortillas get made and then we got to eat them. SO good.

We visited an 84 year old bakery that had been passed down from generation to generation and even ate bread baked in the stone oven.


Our van broke down on the way up the mountain to see the third level of Huatulco (the level that would yield us coffee), we still made it up there via taxi and brought home a few kilos of  coffee. So the day may have gone off-course, but we still did what we came to do.

Lastly, as you may have noticed, we didn't have a lot of photos of just the two of us. On our last day we did a small photo session with the hotel photographer. She got a lot of great shots, and below are the ones we purchased. Even with my poofy hair, I'm so happy we have these to remember our trip by.


I want to thank my dear husband once more for taking us on such a sweet and memorable trip! And a HUGE thank you to my in-laws who watched our girls for a week. It means more to me than you know. It came at a great time as we have been together for 10 years and married for almost five.
With two little ones, it can be so hard to find time to ourselves, just to even have a conversation. That being said, this trip gave us that uninterrupted time punctuated by drinks, tacos, gorgeous views, and nice hot weather. Although the whole week-wasn't smooth sailing, but hey, that's life. And we are nothing, if not adaptable. I will always cherish this trip and it'll have a special place in my heart.
Adios until next time, Huatulco!
If you are interested (and you think you can stomach watching a really shaky video), below  is some footage of our time in Huatulco:
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