Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fourth of July, 2015

As we've done the past six years, we applied our sunscreen and spent the Fourth of July in cabin style. We stayed only briefly, as we drove up Saturday morning and left after lunch on Sunday. So it was a whirlwind of food, cousin friends, fireworks, s'mores and sparklers. And hot dogs. So many hot dogs. In that amount of time, Cece squeezed in a some beach fun with her cousins and lots of playing (the hammock is a hit with the little ones, in case you couldn't tell!). As always, thanks again to Joe's folks for hosting and accommodating our crew! 'Merica!

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Summer is just about half over and none have it has been blogged! (This was due to major technological failure at our house. Our hard drive crashed at the beginning of summer and we just recently have a working computer again.)

Anyways, we are into July. The living has been good and time has been flying like never before.

(This photo of us dining in our backyard is from at least a month and a half ago now. This was also right before a mad stomach bug hit our family. If there's 48 hours of my life that I would never want to relive, it would be those.)

I posted before about how we started off the summer with a 5K. I will mention it again, because I really want the world to know that for nearly a half hour, I might have appeared to be a fitness enthusiast, or even a runner.

Post, 5K, the girls and I left for Chicago for a week. My mom was in Minnesota and able to travel with us to Chicago. Here were are taking a pit stop in Wisconsin Dells. 

 And here they are shopping at Mariano's and making a giant spectacle.

Of course we had to visit Auntie Robbyn at the bakery. We had a lovely lunch date and got to see some of the cake decorating in action.


We had a grad party to attend! My bestie just completed her bachelor's degree. Naturally this called for a get-together with a cake. And we even got a rare photo of just the two of us together without holding kids!

 We got out to Chinatown to visit Grandma and some Yuens! Thanks for the dim sum and for a great visit!

Had to include a pic of some spectacular peonies cut from my mom's yard. Peonies forever and ever. 

Now that we're back in Minnesota, we have been spending summer days perfecting Rosie's table manners.

And here we are on on of our morning walks on the weekends before Joe heads to work. (This is my favorite. We grab a to-go mug of coffee and stroll the neighborhood while it's early, quiet and peaceful. One of my favorite parts of summer.)

Here is Cece with her own snack that she harvested. I was a little in my planting this year, but our loyal strawberries came back with no effort on my part. That's my kind of crop.

We've made a few zoo trips with friends this summer, both to the MN Zoo and Como Zoo. The girls always have a blast. Except when I ask them to pose for a photo.

Father's Day came which I spent with the father of my children. Who is an alright guy, I guess. (Just kidding. He is a bearded rockstar and I love him.)

We took the girls to Chutes and Ladders park in Bloomington (it was super hot that day and we were not prepared. Fortunately, they sold ice cream there.) And we had dinner that night at Red Lobster as a nod to my pop who I hope managed to get his hands on some crab legs in heaven that day.) Hope everyone had a great day celebrating all the fantastic papas out there!

In June, I got quite lucky and Joe shooed me out of the house multiple times to go hang out with girlfriends. Which I did and loved. It's easy to get caught up doing only mom activities in the summer, but it's dang good to be an adult and have a cocktail on a patio.

I'm not the only one who has been out and about and having a blast lately. Joe recently took Cece on an awesome dad-daughter date. They went rock climbing at Verticle Endeavors, grabbed lunch, and then saw Inside Out. She refers to Joe as her "best buddy" all the time and it's pretty much the sweetest. 

So many park visits. Glad the swings have not grown old yet.

C's preschool teacher said that practicing scissor skills (along with general art-making) would be great for us to do over the summer. So she and I built this city on rock and roll a town one day. No big deal.

(Just a few more of my favorite phone pics this summer.)

The days have been going by so quickly, and sometimes I'm worried that we're not squeezing every last drop of fun out of summer. (The days can easily get sucked up by just meal-making, cleaning up, and nap times.) But if we can get out of the house for just a bit everyday, see friends now and then, and just have fun together, then I think we are doing OK! Everyday is a "girls' day" for us, and I'm trying to make sure these fleeting summer days feel special. At least parts of the day, haha.

Thanks for reading and catching up with us! Hope your summer is filled to the brim with fun and sun : )

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Grandahl Family Photos

The Grandahl's sure have this adorable family thing figured out. And how about little Clinton? He is a six-month ball of adorable and a joy to photograph. I'm excited to send you guys the rest of your pictures!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Baby Mikey

Last month while I was in Chicago, I got a sweet opportunity to photograph a very new baby Mikey and his big brother Joey! Plus, I got to reconnect with Kristina, whom I haven't seen since we graduated 8th grade. She has such a sweet family and I'm just straight-up happy that the stars aligned and I got to take these pictures.

 These boys are going to have a blast growing up together. Congrats again to this sweet family!

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