Friday, November 20, 2015

A Visit from Sister Bear!

There's no pick-me-up quite like a visit from my sister! The only downside is now that she's gone, I feel like I'm moping around, missing my coffee buddy and mind-reading soul mate.

What made the visit quite seamless is that we tend to be on the same wavelength when it comes to relaxation, productivity, outings, and food choices (aka, tacos every day). We had a spectacular few days together and the girls sure loved having their aunt around too!

Robbyn flew in on Saturday night. Bright and early Sunday morning, we had breakfast and a sister rock climbing date. Even though she hadn't climbed since high school, she kind of did crazy awesome.

In the afternoon, we hosted a little Chloe + Isabel party complete with many yummy snacks, great lady friends, and scrumptious caramel apple sangria (MAKE THIS. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.)

Monday morning, Cece weas off to school and we went bridesmaid dress shopping. (I am a girly girl to my core and love trying on dresses, so this was one of my favorite things.) 

After Starbucks and picking up Cece, we had a cozy afternoon of watching Inside Out. (Anyone else love this movie?? Anyone else cry too because of too many feels?)

Monday night, Robbyn accompanied us to Cece's dance class. It was also one of their dress rehearsals before their holiday recital, so this was a fantastic night to come visit.

Post dance class, Joe kindly babysat while we met up with our bro at The Craftsman, where he works, for a sibling date. (Organic, seasonal, and local ingredients... all that good jazz) The three of us aren't able to get together frequently, so I think it's pretty special when we do. Again, lots of mind reading, similar speech patterns, childhood storytelling, etc. By the way, the food was FANTASTIC and the service was great. Highly recommend!

Robbyn's last full day with us was on Tuesday. Even though the weather was icky for nearly this whole visit, we got out of the house and went to open skate. Cece and I probably haven't been on the ice since summer, but she did a wonderful job of skating unassisted. So did Robbyn. I guess ; )
Rosie was also anxious to take the ice. So. Don't judge me if I put skates on her this winter.

After coming home and resting, eating, and regrouping, we went on one last outing to our local library. (Close! Free! Fun!) A good time was had by all.

After the girls were in bed, we ended our trip with wine, good snacks,  and HGTV. And we were off to the airport, sobbing into our coffees not-so-bright and early Wednesday morning.

Now that I've pieced together a coherent blog post, I'd like to take a minute to say PLEASE COME BACK RIGHT NOW!!!! I MISS YOU!!!! And next time, we'll make sure someone takes a photo of the two of us together. And thanks again, Robbyn, for taking most of these photos. Otherwise there would be no blog post, haha.

That is all. Thank you for spending your vacation time with us! We love you!

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Back on Halloween...

Before the whole world boards the Christmas train, I need to at least post about Halloween (which was almost two weeks ago now!)

I made the last minute decision to run the Monster Dash half marathon the morning of Halloween. (By last minute, my sis-in-law had offered her bib to me a week before the race and I agreed.) This was unwise for so many reasons. One being that I'm not a runner. I haven't run at all lately and it was too late to train. Secondly,  it was wet and super cold that entire morning.. But, thanks to adrenaline and sheer will, I finished. I was drenched, freezing, and my body was all kind of unhappy with me. 

 However, I did complete it and now I can check off another before-I-turn-30 bucket list item. And I got a sweet-zip up. So, I am proud.

Post race, there was a nap.

Post nap, we headed out to a small Halloween Party. Cece was loving her "Office Girl" costume as was everyone else. We attempted to find an Elmo costume for Rosie, but waited until the last minute, so she was a generic pink monster who didn't really want to wear her monster hat, but that's OK. Joe and I are not big into dressing up for Halloween, but this year, we managed to represent ancient Rome and the roaring twenties, which is more festive than just eating all the Halloween candy wearing sweatpants (not that I've done that before or anything.)

The bigger kids were able to go trick-or-treating as the weather did get a little better in the evening. I was quite happy that there was a substantial amount of chocolate acquired by Cece. (Not that I'm always picking at her Halloween candy, just sometimes...)

Hope you stayed somewhat dry and hope your Halloween was spook-tacular!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sweet November

 Did you get out and enjoy that 72 degree November day? You better have.

I feel like I haven't been my most fabulous self lately due to several reasons (diet changes, dental work, shorter, colder days, etc.) So this unexpected warm weather felt like a gift. The girls and I ran several errands, but made sure we spent some time at the park without jackets.

Cece wanted a picture of her pretending to write (Office Girl forever!)

And a picture of the last dandelion of the season.

"Big Sister, WAIT FOR ME!!!"

"Cece, go catch your sister at the bottom of this slide."

 I've been taking photos for a lot of families lately which has been AWESOME. However, it was also awesome and fun to just goof around with my camera with my girls. I really haven't done that in awhile! Like, is this picture artsy or ridiculous? I don't care. I like it!

"My mom thinks she's SO creative taking pictures of herself in my sunglasses."

; )

But seriously, whether you are taking artsy selfies or not, enjoy this amazing weather while it lasts!!!

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Deep Thoughts With Cecelia Ray Volume 6

My dry erase board has recently filled up with my erratic scribbling of Cece quotes. Which means it's time to share a few!

"When I was three, I didn't like bacon. Now that I'm four, I say "HOORAY FOR BACON!" "

(To Rosie)

"Rosie, believe in yourself!"

(To Rosie)

"You're not supposed to cry when I'm singing."

(About her future wedding)

"Michaela could be my flower girl. She would give the prettiest performance."

(When praying before breakfast)

God, thank you for this milk and oatmeal. And please don't let a flood take over the city. Amen.

As always, stay tuned to hear more insights from Cece!

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Dom turns one!

Last weekend, our sweet and smiley nephew Dominic turned one! We celebrated by living out all of our gymnastics dreams at North Crest Kids Activity Center.

It's really a toss up as to whether the kids or the adults had more fun. I mean, trampolines and foam pits! Don't be surprised if my 30th birthday is held here.

  Dom, you are full of so much awesome. It's been a delight watching you grow up!
Happy Birthday, once more!

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

A road trip, a wedding, and so much sister love!

Over the weekend, I put on my brave face, packed up our van, guzzled some Dunkin' and embarked on a brief, crazy, and FUN trip to see my family in Chicago.

Nothing gets done without this stuff. ^^^

After Cece finished school on Friday, I drove myself and the girls to Wisconsin Dells. Even though it's hard to get motivated to drive for so many hours, there could not have been a better or more beautiful weekend to do it with robust fall colors everywhere.

 I not only missed the company of my husband, but I missed his big muscles and I had to haul around luggage and children with no assistance. Bless the heart of everyone who held a door open for us! We arrived in our hotel, had some time in the pool, even went out to dinner at Noodles, and then crashed in our room. 

On Saturday, I finished the drive into Illinois, stopped to hang out at my mom's for a little while before settling in at my sister's new place. That evening, I had a babysitter for the girls as Robbyn and I attended my cousin Joanne's wedding! Sister dates are the best. We ate all the cheese, enjoyed the wine and generous dinner portions as well as cake!

How beautiful is my cousin???

Here's Joanne and Chris being all kinds of cute. It was so wonderful to see all of my Yuen family. The evening was filled with smiles and excitement. In short, it felt great to celebrate and I loved seeing my cousin so happy.

I got teared up as my cousin Julie gave her maid of honor speech. How could I not? Sister love is a wonderful thing.

Then we whisked away Julie into the photo booth with us. Robbyn insisted I wear the Viking helmet. And she obviously needed a sombrero. I'm so glad I have this photo strip as a souvenir! 

Sunday was for relaxing. We had brunch with my mom at Golden Bear restaurant. Then the girls took a nap and we followed that with a playground visit.

Showing Grandma her rock climbing skills. ^^^

Many high fives to my sister and her beautiful new home! Cece says when she grows up (and is in kindergarten) she would like to live in a condo too. Look at this lovely peaceful moment being had while Rosie napped.

Rosie was only too happy to be eating her meals shirtless. This is not uncommon.

Here is a less peaceful, but still awesome moment. Even though it took some effort on my part to keep track of the girls and all of our stuff, it was such a worthwhile trip! We began our return home on Monday, staying with my friend  (and fabulous hostess) Alysha in Madison. We then arrived back in Minnesota on Tuesday and have been settling back in ever since.

Thank you to EVERYONE for making our visit so fun!

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