Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And the tastiest meal of the week is...

Gasp! A vegetarian dish. Shawhat?!?!

 However, let's not kid ourselves. I'm certain the addition of bacon would have been awesome. So, if I do this again, I will definitely add bacon or some other kind of protein. What we have here is penne with caramelized onions, baby bella mushrooms, goat cheese, and fresh parsley. Although it wasn't a difficult dish, I'm proud of myself for being confident enough to really stick to the recipe and not aggressively season it with a bunch of garlic or crushed red pepper. The mushrooms were sauteed in butter and olive oil and then I added salt, pepper, and a little sugar and my, oh my... I also need to use goat cheese more often. Creamy, tangy, and perfect with pasta. I found the recipe off Pinterest and you can get the full recipe here.

It was yummy enough that Joe didn't just do the dishes, but he cleaned the whole kitchen.

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