Sunday, November 20, 2011

My thoughts are warm...

It's mid-November which naturally means... it snowed a bunch yesterday. Other than the first official dumping of the white stuff, it has been a fun month. Joe, Cece, and I (along with much of Joe's family) ventured to Madison last weekend to celebrate the twins' birthday. I never thought I would utter the words, but it really was Wisconsiny fun! We had dinner at this old, converted farm house, went bowling, ate ourselves silly all weekend, and even took a tour of the Wisconsin Crime Lab, courtesy of Luke. We stayed in a hotel for the first time as an entire family. (Jumping on the king-size bed, anyone?) And it was the first time in a very long time that we were able to wake up together and not have Joe rush off to work. (Which meant just lounging in the king-size bed, and BREAKFAST, but it was glorious)

There have also been other fun Novemember activities which include, but are not limited, to dog park visits, baby play dates, getting all bundled up for fall family walks, and more. And of course there have been many little, wonderful, food-related things. Such as... the return of Starbucks holiday drinks, a Cheesecake Factory run (because friends don't let friends eat cheesecake alone), and my own cooking. I made a BBQ chicken pizza! And I don't mean the frozen kind! Below is my iphone's documentation of the above. Bear with me as I figure out this photo stuff...Very much looking forward to the holidays. Cece may or may not have a turkey hat to wear. Stay tuned.

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